Actress Vani Kapoor introduced French Biker

 Vani Kapoor ,Vafi Kahn, Yasmeen Vafi Khan introduced French Biker Jules Cluzel and Austrian Biker Thomas Gradinger who will participate at World Supersport Championship 2018 with NRT.

Racer and proud owner of the Motorcycle Nerds LLC, Vafi Khan with 5 years of racing experience, has always aspired to race globally and looks up to the many world series which are dominated by European riders and teams. He has always been very proud of his heritage and wants to showcase India at that level and be the first team from India to compete in a world level circuit racing championship.

 Our mission is to showcase and promote our capabilities, which draw its inspirations from our origins. As Indians we are very patriotic and this enthusiasm is what we are assured will be with our team during the season.

 Behind the sheer spectacle and success of the Nerds Team lies a top-flight of people like Gary Reynders as team manager; Jules Cluzel from France and Thomas Gradinger  from Austria riding, and Andrea Ballerini, Jonny Gill, Steve Spiers, Thomas Kubiak, Frank Hoerholz, Vasco Markov, Charlie Waite, Andie Reynders and Ella that handle every single aspect of this extraordinary venture. Each one of them comes with years of expertise in their fields. Their experience and teamwork are what will make this season a success.

 The 2018 season kick starts in Phillip Island, Australia at 23rd to 25th of February with our bikes at their best flashing in tri-colors, showcasing our patriotism and enthusiasm towards our origins. Putting forward our best foot, our bikers are will be gunning for victory on the world stage.

Vafi Khan says-“Leadership is not about a title or a designation, its about imapct, influence and inspiration” says Vafi Khan. His passion and fascination for bikes extended when he opened a garage ,Motorcycle Nerds LLC, for Superbikes and decided to sponsor riders in Rookie Championship and 600cc. Following from his sucsess in the UAE he then decided to create a sister team to follow his dreams into the World Championship.NRT World Supersport was born!

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