Karnataka’s exit poll predicts 120 seats for BJP

Karnataka’s exit poll predicts 120 seats for BJP

Karnataka’s exit poll predicts 120 seats for BJP

Bangalore: Various news channels and news reporters suggests that karnatakas exit poll predicts 120 seats for BJP. Times Now’s exit poll Today’s Chanakya predicts 120 seats for BJP, while it says Congress is likely to get 73 seats. It anticipates 26 seats for JD(S) and 3 seats for Others.

News Nation exit poll predicts BJP to emerge as single-largest party in Karnataka 

The News Nation exit poll predicts 105-109 seats for BJP, 71-75 seats for Congress, 36-40 seats for JD(S) and 3-5 seats for Others.

NDTV’s updated ‘Poll of exit polls’ calculations predict 101 seats for BJP 

NDTV updates its ‘Poll of exit polls’ results at 7:24 pm. The exit poll predicts 101 seats for BJP, 84 seats for Congress, 34 seats for JD(S) and 3 seats for Others.

The Dighvijay News exit poll predicts 76-80 seats for Congress,103-107 seats for BJP and 31-35 seats for JD(S) 

ABP News exit poll predicts BJP likely to reach magic figure of 113 seats

The ABP News exit poll has updated its results according to the turnout till 4 pm. It predicts 101-113 seats for BJP, claiming that the saffron party is likely to reach the ‘magic figure’ of 113 seats. It predicts 82 to 94 seats for Congress, while JD(S) and Others will get 18-31 seats and 1 to 8 seats respectively.

70 percent voter turnout in Karnataka Assembly polls

The high-stakes Karnataka Assembly elections saw a 70 percent voter turnout on Saturday,  the Election Commission said in New Delhi.The last Assembly election in 2013 had witnessed 71.4 percent polling, it said. The polling figure is likely to go up as some voters were still queued up at the polling stations after 6 pm. —PTI

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